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I've been working on a story for a while now called "Ang Bihag Sang Kataw" that incorporates mythology with historically accurate depictions of pre-Hispanic Visayan cultures. The story is mostly planned out and I'm working on final drafts of the first five chapters while others are still first drafts.

The reason I'm limiting my search to Filipino artists is to avoid the language/culture barrier as much as possible. For instance, I would want to employ someone who already has a mental image of a kapre, kataw, syokoy, etc, and the same goes for the landscapes (rice fields, rivers, forest, seashore), though I'll give additional details where needed. As someone who's studied this sort of thing academically and has a genuine interest in portraying this period accurately, the easier we can make this on the both of us, the better the project will be.

While the scripts are in English with Ilonggo translation, it would be easy to translate it into other languages without having to explain the mythological aspects to a Filipino audience. That would be ideal, actually. Like I said, I plan on paying for services rendered but that'll need to be negotiated based on schedules and quality, among other things. As far as what style I'm looking for, I don't have a problem with manga as long as it tends to be more realistic, e.g. no chibi stuff. Show me some samples and then we can go from there.

Content-wise, the story takes a fairly realistic look at Visayan raiding culture but overall, I'd say it would be appropriate for high school readers. Life at this time tended to be violent and coastal villages (especially women) lived in fear of raids by other groups. Even with the magical elements, these more historical aspects won't be ignored.

PM for more info and feel free to check out the first three chapters here.

Salamat :) (Smile)

Ang Bihag sang Kataw: Pauna (Prologue)Scene 1
EXT a ricefield away from the village, with the beach visible to the south and a ridge of rough mountains running off from west to north.
Banog is sitting waiting for his betrothed Kalachuchi to come. The morning sun his already hot but his place below the broad mango tree is cool and shady. He is patient, admiring the light as it plays on the leaves and ripening fruit, then gazing off in the distance at the tulabong [white herons] that pick gracefully through flooded ricefields.
He waits for hours, the sun moving across the sky as shadows stretch eastward from the mountains. His eyelids are heavy with drowsiness. The sight of a female figure off the distance opens them wider, but it is not Kalachuchi: it is his mother Punihan. She almost trips over herself running along the kahon [earthen divider in the ricefield].
Anak! [Son!]
Banog can see her face now, pained with some grief that he does not yet know. He looks at her, confused.
Anak ko! May makalilisang nga

Ang Bihag sang Kataw: Paghanas (Chapter One)Scene 1
EXT the outskirts of the village. Banog is walking out the forest with a binangon [machete] in hand. He has trained for years to be a warrior, although his most fearful opponents so far have been stalks of bamboo. Two boys his age watch him and call out mockingly.
Ay ari na gali si Banog Buang. Hoy, diin ka ya magkadto haw? Mangayam sa kawayan? [Here is Crazy Banog again. Hey, where are you going? Hunting bamboo?]
Patya mo gid tanan, ha? Kay basi magdapo to sila sa aton karon! [Kill them all, will you? Because they might attack us later!]
Banog says nothing; he only walks off more quickly. He passes many bamboo stalks that have been cut at shoulder height, evidence of his previous training. Now he must go even farther out into the forest, where larger trees begin to outnumber the bamboo significantly. Several hours pass as he hacks away at bamboo stalks and other plants. Determination and anger rise in his eyes as he

Ang Bihag sang Kataw: Pagpaalam (Chapter Two)Scene 1
EXT Imay Maalam’s field. Banog runs through it, jumping over the small trickle of water that runs across the path. He stops outside to call for his grandmother.
Tagbalay! [Homeowner!]
Ay ari na liwat ang apo ko. Magpalapit ka diri agud makita ta ka. [Oh, here is my grandson again. Come closer so I can see you.]
Banog approaches his grandmother, who rests on the floor of her little house. She reaches out for his face with her hand.
Kulapon na gani akon mga mata apang ang panghunahuna ko matalum pa gihapon. Nahibal-an ko nga manuglakat ka na. [My eyes may be cloudy but my mind is as sharp as ever. I know that you are about to leave.]
Banog’s eyes show his surprise.
Huo, manuglakat na ako agud magpasimpalad sa kagubatan kay mapauli ko sa Kalachuchi sa aton nga purok. Wala ako nakabalo kon madaug ko pa si Hari Aliputuk sa ulihi apang nagasalig ako sa kapalaran ko nga tuytuyan ako tubtub sa akon paningkamutan. [Yes, I am about to leave and
I just don't submit as much as I used to because most of what I write is currently in draft form on yWriter. It's a neat little program for compiling projects with a character and location database, chapter and scene divisions, word count, etc. I suppose I could post more things and update some of the old sections I'd posted but since I'm mostly either looking for feedback on the ones already here or heavily editing the ones that aren't, I think I'll just keep working on it all in yWriter for now.

These are my main current projects, for anyone who might want to know for some reason:

Divided House - military sci-fi light novel series of at least three books

The Default King - I can never come up with an accurate genre for this so I'll call it fantasy even though there isn't any magic involved, and this will likely also be a trilogy

Strawberry - anthology of near-future sci-fi short stories which tie into my "Stargazing" story but explore different characters

Ang Bihag sang Kataw - adventure story involving Philippine mythology and pre-Hispanic tribes, written in English and the Hiligaynon language

There are others on the fringes but I'm really not focusing on them at the moment. About half of them are sort of space opera stories while the other half are related to The Default King universe, including sequels and side stories that are still in the planning stages.

I have a lot to work on.



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